Marketing and Business Consulting Services

We live to solve problems and connect people. We act as a general contractor, providing only the vendors you need to reach your exact marketing and business development goals. We are small and we move fast - but we listen. 

Our simple philosophy: 80% of your business comes from 20% of your customers. Let's face it - this is not a "new" concept. It's a tried and true business law. We want to help you first identify and learn as much as you can about this 20% and next, connect with them - on their terms. You developed the product, you sold it to a distributor, you've got it on the shelves... now what?

When it comes to marketing, and promoting your business, it’s NOT about you or even your business – it is ALL about the customer. We want to help you create consumer pull in a new way AND keep those evangelist consumers loyal.

Promotional Items and Corporate Gifts

Whatever your business needs to make a great impression! We are here to help you! In order to help our existing CPG clients acquire factory direct pricing on promotional products, iGrow Media has formed a partnership with Swag Coach and a team of professionals with over 20 years experience in the promotional items business. 

Because of this partnership iGrow Media has direct access to over 350 preferred suppliers with over 700,000 products. Search online or call 800-509-1243.